Sunday, February 26, 2012

[Project Life] Week 8

Another regular week for us. Just swimming, getting some work done, some brotherly bonding and the week was over. I am waiting for some wedding photos from a wedding we attended to create an insert to this week.

This injury was from 2 weeks ago, but it only went into the folder this week. Printing 4 photos on a 2x3 allowed me to document the development of the injury.

 Love the new sakura gel pen I bought. Don't know why I didn't think about it and kept using the not-so-nice signo one.

[Project Life] Week 7

We visited the 2012 Singapore Airshow this weekend. The kids had a lot of fun looking at and getting to the fighter jets there.

Photoshopped the airshow logo onto the photo itself.

Created this journalling card using plain cardstock and a strip of washi tape on the top. Works perfectly!

There were so many photos from the airshow that I printed multiple photos on the 4x6 to put more photos in!

The glittery "7" is a cheap sticker that I got at a bookstore. I got similar alphabet ones from Daiso as well. Only $2 for a pack that included 2 sheets!

[Project Life] Week 6

 This week's documentation is mostly about Kiefer and his antics. 

Printed these 3 pictures small to show the sequential actions of Kiefer. I thought it does bring forth the kind of emotions when he was asked to put on his shirt. :)

Simply love these dymo-like stickers. I have been using them everywhere in this project. It was a gift and so I don't know where to get them! Journalling card's from Pebbles Inc.

Just love how Project Life allows me to record random thoughts like this one. Would have been really lazy to do up an entire LO for this! 

Again inserted some of the boys' artwork in A4 protectors and filed them into the folder as well.

The pocket was just nice to keep Kieran's 听写 worksheet.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

[Project Life] Week 5

Featured a normal week in our lives. Talked about Kieran's improvement in his drawing and how they love their Legos.

This was one of the free downloads available on Becky Higgins' website. It comes as a pdf file in a set of 4 to complement the clementine and cobalt series. However, I thought they pretty much matched this page as well. Printed it out on a 2x3 and slotted it into the pockets.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

[Project Life] Week 4

Lots of photos from Chinese New Year and thus it was quite hard to pick out just a few for Project Life.
Decided to feature some of the traditional stuff we do during CNY.

This red journalling card is from Pebbles Inc. It came as a stack of 25 cards with slightly different journalling spaces. Thought it fit perfectly on this page. The photo of the kiddos playing Lion Dance was rather blur and thus wouldn't be suitable to be printed onto a 4x6 size. Printed it on 4x3 instead and then trimmed it down to fit into the 4x6 journalling card. Works perfectly.

This was a smaller page done on the Design G pockets of the Project Life kit. Liked the variation it gave to the folder.

The "Hello Holidays" were inspired by Ali Edwards' "Hello Adventures seen here. The "Hello" is her handwriting font.

The reverse of the Design G pocket, featuring my nephew's birthday celebration.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Life cycle of the butterfly

This was done by the boys. I only drew pencil lines on the photos for them to trim the photo down and drew the black marker lines after they were done. Kieran wrote/drew the life cycle on the red piece of paper (with some help in spelling) and Kieran pasted everything down. A very nice piece of work I think!

[Project Life 2012] Week 3

Our Wicked night!
Some hidden journalling behind the Wicked tab.
Just had to add a page on what happened to this little fella's CNY costume in school. I like it that I can always add a 12x12 layout into the folder among the usual pocketed pages.
Not completed. I am hoping to get a photo of the boys with their great-grandma to fill in that space. Haven't filled in the journalling card at the top either.  Used a double sized journalling card and stuck a picture of #1 fixing up his Lego. Journalling's at the back of the card.
The iphone's front camera is really bad. So instead of printing a full 2x3 sized photo, I put a border around the 2 little pictures and made it look as though it was an instax photo. This way, the pictures look a tad less grainy.